Equipment Engineer

 Description: Experienced RF Design engineer with a history of issuing a volume of RFDS and fully understands all components of a plumbing diagram. Must know all components from TMAs, Bias-T, duplexers, diplexers, RET controllers and motors, RXAIT, connectors, cables, various cellular antennas, etc.

Requirements: Must be able to understand Approved Product Lines by wireless carriers as published, and compatibilities with existing equipment on site. The equipment engineer must have a history of creating Build of Materials (BOMs) for site construction, understands RFDS data sheets, have an intimate knowledge with Ericsson UMTS Node B and all pertinent cell site parts and their forward and backward compatibilities. 


RF Design Engineer

 Description: Designs sites using propagation modeling tools such as ASSET 3G, ATOLL, and possess disciplined design approaches.  Must be able to work with drive test teams to define drive routes, post-process drive data, and make defensible new site build designs. Must have a working experience with supporting site acquisition and zoning team through site development process . 

Requirements: Must have a minimum of 5 years of in the RF Design, preferably with larger carriers like AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint.  Engineers must be able to work with dual band designs, and understands interference issues involving other boundary carriers, and ways to resolve the matters through analysis and design changes.


RF Optimization Engineer

 Description: We are looking for senior engineers experienced in statistical analysis to detect system performance problems and timely troubleshoot/resolve them for fast KPI restoration. The engineers will be assigned a cluster of 85 sites for full system KPI accountability. 

Requirements: The engineers must be well-versed in GSM, UMTS, and HSPA protocols. Strong drive test post analysis is required, along with MapInfo and Google Earth interfaces. The engineers must have thorough understanding of antenna systems, their peripheral devices (TMAs, RET controllers, Bias-Ts, RRU's, etc...), Nokia and Ericsson Node B and their performances. 


LTE Design Engineer

  Description: Very strong senior design engineers (as described above) with 8+ years of RF Design engineering in GSM and UMTS.  Provides leadership and assistance to other engineers as required.  Able to travel to any U.S. market

Requirements: Only the very motivated engineers with Ericsson LTE certifications, or Award Solutions training certificates are considered for these positions.


Drive Test Technicians

  Description: Long history of creating drive routes, working closely with Design and Optimization engineers to set expectations, post process using popular software's, and fluent with MapInfo and Google Earth. 

Requirements: Technicians are expected to setup drives test equipment, conduct pre-run validation tests, and know various data collection tools such as the TEMS units. Technicians must have a safe drive record, and must have a current driver's license at all time.


Technical Project Managers


Description: Wireless project managers responsible for all aspects of tracking engineering deployments. Create milestones, track progress, conduct meetings, and work with stakeholders to assure that possible gating issues are anticipated and resolved ahead of complications. 

Requirements: PMP certification is preferred, but not required. Prior experience in RF technical projects, or new site build deployments are required. Must have extensive project leadership experience with leading meetings, follow-up trackers, creating progress reports and possess a strong command of project data. Fluent and demonstrated skills in MS Excel, Outlook Schedules, Visio and MS Projects. Expertise in MS Access is strongly recommended.