Our Services

RF Engineering

Terabonne engineering resources design greenfield cell tower and rooftop sites across the country.  Our engineering resources work with all popular prediction modeling tools, perform and manage drive test services, issue search area maps and RFDS to support site candidate walks.

Frequency Coordination

Whether it is CGSA filings or frequency coordination, Terabonne has experienced engineering staff to perform all necessary regular filings to assure smooth operation of all assigned frequencies.  In the event of interference, Terabonne shall negotiate and coordinate all resolutions.

RF Optimization Services

Improving call performance statistics, audit neighbor lists, speed call hand-offs, minimizing drops, and improving data throughput are all areas of expertise for our Optimization Engineers.

Telecom Managed Services

Terabonne manages key cell sites with the purpose of promoting collocations on our client site locations.  Our process is simple and fast.  Our goal is to maximize the use of existing cell towers under management.

Site Acquisition

Terabonne site development team works interactively with RF engineering, construction and zoning to identify and option top candidates meeting our Clients' criteria.  Proper assembly of SCIP packages are also key to quality work products.