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Not Every Signed Tower Lease Turns To Rental Income

You actually signed a lease option, not a lease. Your project management team is needed to turn the lease option into a revenue-producing lease.

My Cell Tower Lease Is Signed. What’s Next?

There’s so much more to be done. This means you will not receive rent until 12 to 24 months later, if ever. See what’s involved.

How Do I Select A Qualified Cell Tower Lease Consultant?

To a guy with a hammer, everything looks like a nail. To those who only see the wireless industry through a lease, they mistakenly believe all property owners need is just a lease.

T-Mobile Acquired Sprint. What’s the implication to me?

Thousands of Sprint/Nextel towers will get decommissioned. See how you may be impacted.

Understanding how AT&T is profiting billions of dollars from this 25-year federal contract will help you make more money.

Is 5G Safe?

Radios waves are all around us.  They emanate naturally from outer space.  Radio waves are also man-made.  What is the science?

How Tall Are Cell Towers?

Cell tower heights are driven by engineering requirements, zoning restrictions, and FAA Regulations.  What heights are most advantageous to property owners?

Cell Tower Types

Cell towers come in many different heights, shapes and sizes.  Why is this so, and what are the advantages to property owners?  

How Do I Profit With 5G?

Don’t let the media’s 5G hype distract you from the focus of obtaining the highest possible cell tower lease rates.

Dish - New Wireless Carrier?

We know AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile, but who is Dish?  What do they want with your property?  How does it benefit you?  A deeper dive into Dish.

What You Should Know

This page is dedicated to new changes, updates and information that matter the most to landlords.  Gather more depth and strategies on how to maximize your cell tower leasing values.

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A ROFR grants the tower owner the right to match an offer by some third party who makes an offer to purchase your lease that you accept.

Crown Castle, American Tower ATC, SBA Towers are the “Big Three” tower companies.

Attorneys retained by wireless carriers authorized to review legal terms but never allowed to negotiate financial nor technical terms of the lease because they lack the technincal skills.

A person who specializes in land use matters well knowledgeable in its jurisdictional requirements.

A person hired by the wireless carrier to contact property owners to discuss lease terms. This role has evolved to be landlord facing rather than lease negotiations.

Geographical areas depicted in a circle (ring) drawn by radio frequency (RF) engineers defining the areas requiring new cell towers and technical parameters surrounding such designs.

Companies who build towers and lease back to wireless carriers.  These companies almost always receive Search Rings from wireless carriers defining where carriers need towers to be built.

Radio Frequency engineers who specialize in the radio wave propagation. These are the engineers to define cell tower locations. 

Companies that purchase cell tower leases with the purpose of repackaging (aggregating) them in a larger portfolio and selling them for a profit at a later time.