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Terabonne’s in-depth experience in the wireless industry allows us to offer a full range of services involving cell towers and rooftop leases for property owners. From new cell tower builds to negotiating cell tower lease extensions; non-traditional lease buyout price bidding to lease performance disputes; Terabonne does it all. We are always determined to provide our clients with the utmost dedication, expertise, and representation the wireless industry has to offer. Our clients readily offer these testimonials of their experiences with our representation. Prospective clients are encouraged to reach out to our current clients to better understand the benefits of working with Terabonne.

Tung Bui at Pre-Construction Tower Build
Terabonne Uncovered ATC’s Material Breach of Contract

Technical Cell Tower Experts

At Terabonne, our daily interactions with clients and wireless carriers are filled with problem solving activities. When Unicorn Metals in La Habra, California, engaged us in lease extension negotiations, we dug deep and discovered 30 years of unpaid back taxes. In a new cell tower lease negotiation for Bus Hudson, a landowner in Idaho, we engaged AT&T’s architect and engineering firm to redesign the tower, modifying the engineering plans to fit with our client’s long-term use of his land. For Ron and Margaret Cain, we discovered American Tower’s construction crew dug a trench outside of the leased area instead of leasing additional land from our client. Silicon Valley Reform Baptist Church in Sunnyvale, CA (See video testimonial) asked for our help to resolve a serious roof leak caused by T-Mobile’s antennas and equipment after several years of unsuccessful attempts to get T-Mobile’s attention. No two clients’ needs are ever the same. And our team of engineering, operations, and legal staff are ready to assist in all wireless matters.

Cell Tower Consultants With Real Hands-On Experience

Having managed and led expansive teams of engineering, real estate and tower development staff in the wireless industry since its inception, Tung Bui understands what (and who) it takes to get the job done right. Skills, expertise, experience and confidence in all the necessary disciplines are absolutely required to represent our clients with utmost precision. Terabonne’s staff consists of professionals in core wireless areas that deliver consistently impressive results to our clients. We understand RF interference and can debate with Verizon’s engineers on the merits of our demands. We understand tower foundation designs and are comfortable reviewing their tower structural analysis. We understand land use and readily participate in zoning hearings to speak in support of the tower projects to win approvals for our clients. We understand RF engineering and frequently review propagational modeling to validate coverage objectives and to maximize income for our property owner clients.

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