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With technology upgrades such as 5G equipment swaps, carriers cannot just remove previous antennas and equipment as not all wireless subscribers will change to 5G handsets at the same time. In fact, it may take many years before all wireless customers will change handsets. Therefore, wireless carriers must be able to serve 4G, 3G, UMTS, GSM, CDMA, LTE, etc. in addition to 5G. E911 calls must work regardless of the phone devices from which wireless customers are calling. So over the years, all antennas, radios, amplifiers, and hybrid combiners accumulate rather than getting replaced. This places additional structural load, more electronics, batteries, generators, fiber interconnects, and possibly greater demands on the utility easement rights.

However, no tower or rooftop can possibly support 5 generations of equipment (5G) from each wireless carrier. Structural load, equipment size, power consumption, interconnect bandwidth, and other technical factors make the network too complex and expensive to operate. Over time, wireless carriers have developed ways to combine some radio equipment by transmitting different frequencies and technologies through combined electronics. But to complicate the situation, the FCC keeps on making additional frequencies available at different bands, and integrating them into electronics has not been easy. The result is a wireless network that is substantially more complex today than 25 years ago. How that complexity impacts your lease is our role as your engineering and leasing consultant.

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A ROFR grants the tower owner the right to match an offer by some third party who makes an offer to purchase your lease that you accept.

Crown Castle, American Tower ATC, SBA Towers are the “Big Three” tower companies.

Attorneys retained by wireless carriers authorized to review legal terms but never allowed to negotiate financial nor technical terms of the lease because they lack the technincal skills.

A person who specializes in land use matters well knowledgeable in its jurisdictional requirements.

A person hired by the wireless carrier to contact property owners to discuss lease terms. This role has evolved to be landlord facing rather than lease negotiations.

Geographical areas depicted in a circle (ring) drawn by radio frequency (RF) engineers defining the areas requiring new cell towers and technical parameters surrounding such designs.

Companies who build towers and lease back to wireless carriers.  These companies almost always receive Search Rings from wireless carriers defining where carriers need towers to be built.

Radio Frequency engineers who specialize in the radio wave propagation. These are the engineers to define cell tower locations. 

Companies that purchase cell tower leases with the purpose of repackaging (aggregating) them in a larger portfolio and selling them for a profit at a later time.