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Occasionally, unique issues may arise with property owners and wireless carriers that require special consultation from Terabonne. Whether you have an ongoing dispute with a cell tower company, or your tower tenant is not repairing damages caused to your property, or you are not receiving rent owed to you; Terabonne is the company that can sort out all the rights and obligations you have regarding the cell tower lease.

Helping Landowners With Special Circumstances

For instance, a self-storage company housed a Crown Castle cell tower and generated monthly revenue until the State of Washington Department of Transportation issued an eminent domain order over the property for a highway project. This resulted in the loss of that monthly revenue to the property owner. Terabonne’s task was to determine how much that lost income was worth over the life of the lease since it was crucial for our client to financially recover the loss of income from the state. However, does valuation end at the termination of the lease in seven years? Or does the loss extend to the next 90 years of lost potential income? Does the lost income get calculated based on the current rent, which was poorly negotiated years ago and has the likelihood of significant increase when renegotiated? Terabonne has special expertise in this area to provide trusted consultation to our clients and their attorneys.

An Authority In The Wireless Industry

Terabonne’s service to this client included a site visit to survey the cellular equipment and assess carrier traffic capacities, which determines the amount of cellular traffic and importance of the site for future income and longevity of the cell tower. Our engineering study and comprehensive report were used in the settlement negotiations that resulted in fair settlement income that would have been lost by our client. Situations like these require specialized skills and knowledge that is unique to Terabonne. To navigate complex circumstances and get the results you’re entitled to, Terabonne has the resourcefulness, experience, and authority to deliver credible results supporting litigation processes.

Sell The Land But Keep The Cell Tower Income

Many of our clients wish to sell their property, whether it is a farm or commercial building, but want to retain the cell tower income for themselves forever. In the case of Unicorn Metals, a metal recycling company in La Habra, CA, the owners decided to retire and sell the entire property, however, they wanted to keep the cell tower income for themselves. Terabonne happily assists property owners through this process. In the end, the main property is sold while the owner retains the rental income forever, or sells the cell tower lease whenever he/she is ready. Terabonne’s expertise extends beyond engineering and cell tower leasing. Our legal experience and cell tower financing knowledge makes us a one-stop shop consultancy firm for all matters wireless.

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If your dispute or tower predicament worries you, then don’t do this alone.  Have the peace of mind that experts are on your side to decipher your entire issue, explain in layman terms and defend your position against wireless carriers and tower companies.  Contact us below – anytime.

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A ROFR grants the tower owner the right to match an offer by some third party who makes an offer to purchase your lease that you accept.

Crown Castle, American Tower ATC, SBA Towers are the “Big Three” tower companies.

Attorneys retained by wireless carriers authorized to review legal terms but never allowed to negotiate financial nor technical terms of the lease because they lack the technincal skills.

A person who specializes in land use matters well knowledgeable in its jurisdictional requirements.

A person hired by the wireless carrier to contact property owners to discuss lease terms. This role has evolved to be landlord facing rather than lease negotiations.

Geographical areas depicted in a circle (ring) drawn by radio frequency (RF) engineers defining the areas requiring new cell towers and technical parameters surrounding such designs.

Companies who build towers and lease back to wireless carriers.  These companies almost always receive Search Rings from wireless carriers defining where carriers need towers to be built.

Radio Frequency engineers who specialize in the radio wave propagation. These are the engineers to define cell tower locations. 

Companies that purchase cell tower leases with the purpose of repackaging (aggregating) them in a larger portfolio and selling them for a profit at a later time.